How To Deal With Disappointment In Life

How to deal with disappointment in life

When it comes to being disappointed, I can take it really hard. This is especially true with my dating life. I, like many people, take things very personally. To sum it up, I hate being a disappointment to people so I always try to hold up my end of the stick. This is a chronic issue for me. So, although I may not be great when it comes to managing disappointment, I want to share my tips on how to deal with disappointment in life.

This week has been a hard week of disappointment for me. However, most of the time, I take bad news from men the worst. In my post on how to release your expectations from others, I talk about having high expectations. I also talked about not letting disappointment affect you but I didn’t mention how to better navigate these emotions.

When we talk about how to deal with disappointment in life, the only advice seems to be just to get over it. Click To Tweet

When discussing my disappointment with my mom, I came to the realization that everyone deals with these emotions. I know it sounds silly, but it’s just not something people talk about. When we talk about how to deal with disappointment in life, the only advice seems to be just to get over it. If you’re anything like me, you know that this can be extremely hard. So, today, I hope we can both leave with some wisdom and tools to help deal with disappointment.

Let It Out

I think we’re often made to think that we should just get over things and move on. Although, if it were easy as writing that, you wouldn’t be here seeking advice. I think it’s good to talk about why you’re disappointed. Perhaps even write it all out. What happened? How do you feel? Why do you feel disappointed? What can you do going forward to make yourself feel better? Let the wave of emotions wash ashore and acknowledge all the feelings you have. I’ve learned that it’s better to get these emotions out rather than to bottle them inside.

Get Down To The Root

Just writing how you’re feeling can make a world of a difference, but I think finding out why you’re disappointed it often harder. Here, I don’t just mean surface level answers. Really dig in deep to find the root of why you feel disappointed. For me, I often feel disappointed more by men than women. I came to that realization this week.

If you’ve read my ghosting story, you’d know that I was pretty crushed and disappointed. I think many women have felt this way before. You want to blame yourself, what you did, what you said, but it’s really not you who is to blame. When men disappoint me, I think it’s magnified compared to women disappointing me. For someone like me, this could very well stem from their relationship with their father. I don’t have such a great relationship with mine. In fact, growing up, I was often failed by my father. My mom, on the other hand, was there for me far more. So, could this be the root cause for me? Sure! Really do some deep thinking when you feel great disappointment, because I guarantee that it comes from deep-rooted issues.

Release It

I am so guilty of being negative when I feel disappointed. In fact, this week I found myself saying how much I hate men and how they can never live up to their word. I am trying really hard to work on that and you should too if you’re the same. Negativity really doesn’t do anything. Ultimately, people are just going to disappoint you and how you deal with disappointment in life is key. I’m not saying to just get over it. I’m saying that once you feel like you’ve experienced all your emotions, release it. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and imagine that you’re releasing a tiny paper ship to sail. I know it’s easier said than done.

Change Perspectives

Finally, turn that frown upside down, metaphorically. When you’re trying to deal with disappointment, really channel those negative emotions into positive ones like determination or affirmations. Try saying to yourself whenever you feel those emotions come back, “Everyone feels disappointed and that’s okay. I know I’ve done my best. I know that I have been fair and kind. Just because this happened once doesn’t mean it will happen again.” Julia from the Sunday Mode has a great post that has helped me. I still come back to it when I feel like I need some advice. I know this can be hard. All of it can be! But it’s really important to not internalize your disappointment and think that it’s all your fault. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but it’s true.

So, I hope this post has been helpful. I think the most important thing to note is that these things take time. You don’t have to rush to get over it like, but I hope that following this advice will make it easier for you. Remember, we all get disappointed and you’re not alone. And if you’re feeling like you need to talk to someone, my inbox is always open.

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Question of the day: How do you deal with disappointment in life?

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  1. Great post – I think this is some amazing advice! 🙂 I especially love the change your perspective… I love the motto “You win some, you lose some” which helps me when I am disappointed that something could have gone my way. I also think that God makes things happen for a reason, so there must be another opportunity coming if I am disappointed in a missed one 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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    1. Hi Jenna! I definitely agree that most of the times when you’re disappointed that something didn’t work out, often something better comes along. You definitely have to practice patience! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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