Why Post-Grad Depression Is A Real Thing

post-grad depression is a real thing

At Girl In Gamba, I talk a lot about post-grad life. I mean, I’ve decided to slap a niche on here by calling Girl In Gamba a post-grad lifestyle blog. So, I talk a lot about life and career. This includes my brunch reviews, my thoughts on adult friendships, and even my experiences with taking risks. I’ve also talked about this weird thing called post-grad life confusion. However, let’s talk about post-grad depression.

I would say that I don’t experience depression in the general sense. Sure, I feel a bit down in cooler months or a bit sad when I’ve let myself down. I can say that I experienced post-grad depression, which is a completely different beast for me. There have been a few posts on the internet that talk about this but I want to put it in my own terms.

So, what is post-grad depression? Well, for me, post-grad depression is this intense sadness that comes over you as a result of graduating from college. During college, we essentially have a safety net. If we fail, not much is dependent on that failure. Sure, you may take a bad grade but you can make it up later. Along with this, we’ve been going to school for about 17 years. That’s a long time! So, suddenly when you’re done, you feel a bit lost and sad that it’s over. You may also have a hard time finding a job, which makes you feel even more depressed. Then with social media, everyone seems to have their lives together but you.

Like I mentioned, I wouldn’t consider myself to have depression so when experiencing what I can only explain as a period of depression, it really shocked me. Post-grad depression is such a real thing. Some may experience it a few weeks or even months after graduating. Others may experience it after a year. That being said, it could last for a long time or a short time. Every person is different!

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I still feel like I have post-grad depression from time to time. It can be a hard adjustment when you’re so used to going to school. Also, I loved my experience in college! So, I was completely saddened that it was over. Sometimes you don’t want to let it go and move on. It can be really hard! Also, people don’t talk about post-grad depression because there is this pressure to grow up, get a job, go to grad school, and be adults now.

Well, I say that having post-grad depression is normal. It’s normal to feel down about your situation and it’s normal to feel lost after graduating. I definitely know that I questioned my post-grad depression because I felt like I should be having a life and a job. I felt like I shouldn’t have been at home staring at my ceiling and hating my life every day. Just remember that things do work out. You’re not alone in this and we’ll get through it together. It does take time and having an outlet helps!

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what you’ve been dealt with. I know I struggled so hard with it. However, here’s what I learned!

1. This, Too, Shall Pass

This is perhaps the biggest lesson I learned about post-grad depression. It’s important to remind ourselves that these feelings are temporary. It’s okay to have an off day or an off week or an off month. I would even say that it’s okay to have an off year! The year since I’ve graduated has been awful! However, writing about my experiences and my thoughts have been extremely therapeutic.

Lately, I would say that my post-grad depression has passed for the most part. But I’m in grad school and I’ll have to graduate. I think knowing about post-grad depression will definitely help me after this chapter of my life.

2. Find What Makes You Happy

Writing made me happy! Finding an amazing blogging community made me happy! I’m such a perfectionist so sometimes I do get really sad about my life not being perfect. For example, I love to travel and would love to do more of that. But it’s expensive and I just don’t have the money right now! That being said, I do try to find things that are attainable that makes me happy. It definitely helps!

3. Create Your Life

This is my favorite piece of advice I’ve received in recent months. A few months ago, I was on social media all the time. It’s so easy to see people who look like they are having the time of their life and feel inadequate about yours. However, I came across this video that talked about how it’s easier to have a life than to pretend like you have one. A light bulb instantly went off in my head! I started trying to create a life for myself, especially with my blog series on taking risks!

Question of the day: If you’ve graduated, have you ever experienced post-grad depression?

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  1. I relate so much. I was severely depressed after college. It seemed like everyone in my life had some type of expectation of how my life should be after college. That on top if my own expectations pushed me down a path that I’m still trying to course correct.

    1. Hi Dominique! I feel like a lot of people can relate to this and it’s so sad that it’s not really talked about as much as it should. I’m so sorry that you were severely depressed after college, but I hope that things will only get better from here! If you ever want to talk, I’m here.

  2. I honestly never thought of post-grad depression as a real thing until reading this post and now I’m thinking “wow this is so me!!” It’s difficult to figure out what you want to do after college and so strange to look back and think of college as an easier time in your life when college is actually really stressful too! I hope you figure everything out soon and just a quick PSA – no one else really has it figured out either 🙂 🙂 xx

  3. Love seeing a post about post-grad depression! I was SUPER involved in college and highly engaged with my friends constantly. No one ever prepared me for how down I would feel whenever I started my new life which I thought was exactly what I wanted and had been working toward for so many years! That even though I moved to a new city and was able to find a pretty good job, that there is an immense sadness and loneliness I felt being further away from my friends and how difficult it has been watching my younger friends still in college and enjoying life.

    I think we forget to talk about and remember how hard going to college was though and how it took 2-3 years to start feeling adjusted and comfortable in that chapter of life and that starting fresh again post-grad is a very similar experience and will get better within a few years of the transition!

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Alex! I definitely think that with time, post-grad life will become more familiar. I was super involved in college too and I miss it so much, but you do have to stop looking back and instead look forward. That being said, I think being an adult really sucks sometimes haha but it has its good moments too! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment!

  4. Yes I can relate to this so much it’s crazy! I didn’t realise it was a thing but now that you’ve mentioned it, I really think I was in this phase too. Blogging was actually my healing. I loved education – always enjoyed it but it was such a strange environment, being out of it. I didn’t know where to even begin, and felt no one else could relate. I think this is where the official growing-up sort of starts because you’re standing on your own two feet, learning to walk again.

    Job-hunting was also difficult in the sense that everyone asks for experience, some being quite ridiculous like 3+ years. It eventually passes though, but it’s definitely one of the most confusing points in life.

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