Why I’m Not Going To Be Salty on Valentine’s Day

salty on valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and it’s no secret that I’m single as a pringle. If you’ve been following the 14 Days of Valentine’s series, I have made it clear that it is perfectly fine to be single on Valentine’s Day. I still stand by this because Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be seen as just a day for couples, but rather a day where you can gorge yourself on chocolates a people won’t judge you. So, here are some reasons why I’m not going to be salty this year.

Treat Yo Self

First and foremost, I know I always say this, but I am legit going to treat myself on Valentine’s Day. I’m single on Valentine’s Day, which means I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to worry about catering to someone or planning an extravagant and romantic evening. Sure, this may be selfish, but hey, it’s one of the perks of being single, and I am going to take full advantage of all the free time I’m going to have.

Read and Listen to Music

I’m a woman with free time on Valentine’s Day. It’s my day and I can read if I want to. I will also be dancing to my favorite playlist and having a good time!

Bask In My Singleness


So, if you’re in a relationship and you’re reading this, I have a serious question for you. Have you ever had a sucky Valentine’s Day? I’ve heard of people almost breaking up on Valentine’s Day. I’ve heard of people getting upset. I even heard that someone once cried. Yeah, that sounds like too much drama for me.

Eat, Sleep, and Drink

Did I say I’m going to eat a ton of chocolate? I’m going to eat a ton of chocolate, and then proceed to take multiple naps. I will also probably make brunch! This will most likely be the highlight of my day, and I’m ok with that. Also, ice cream and martini? Yes, please!

Two Words: Galentine’s Day


This is my day! I love Galentine’s Day! I’m going to get my best gal pals, and it’s going to be awesome! No need to be salty here!

Watch a Movie

So, the chances of me watching a movie are pretty high! Anyone who knows me KNOWS that watching a movie is my jam! You can believe that I will be treating myself to a movie come to Valentine’s Day.

So, do I have a reason to be salty on Valentine’s day just because I’m single? Of course not! And you shouldn’t feel salty either! Additionally, take this time to give yourself some TLC! You deserve it. Ultimately, it may be the Superbowl for couples, but it should also be the Superbowl of you.

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Photo by Alexey Suslyakov on Unsplash

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